Personal update, May 2014

12 May

My renewed skills set includes Sharepoint user administration, as well as more advanced concepts such as workflows, data correlation between lists and taking advanced user demands into account. As an example, I currently manage a self-made facilities portal which replaces my company’s old interface with the facilities contractor. Using in-house resources, this drops the TCO costing of this aspect of housekeeping to mere “employee hours” in addition to the standard Sharepoint licensing. An enormous cutting of costs without loss of functionality.

In addition, this implementation as well as renewal of our process descriptions and the associated discussions cater to my interest in teaching and process design. There’s something to be said for taking an enormously complicated structure and turning it into an easy-to-understand graphic. Anyone who’s ever untangled the wires behind the TV set should know what that feels like!


Personal update, October 2013

7 Oct

Recently I have quit raiding and became a casual player of World of Warcraft. I am currently looking for a new game that can really drag me in and keep me occupied. Additionally, I am hoping to be able to continue writing articles and find new ways of expressing myself.

Personal Update, March 2013

5 Mar

Professionally I have acquired additional Process Management and Business intelligence experience. I hope to finish my driving classes soon, which will provide me with a driving license and the freedom and professional growth that comes with this change.

In World of Warcraft, I have elected to change my mains from Natarumah (my Shadowpriest) to Baelgaram (my Death Knight). I hope to provide solid melee DPS, a challenge to myself, and a solid and reliable offtank in case my guild needs it.

My blog might need to be redesigned to reflect this change; if this is the case, I intend to focus it on Warlocks and Death Knights in addition to Priests, to reflect my broader interests. Reader feedback will have a definite say in this, however.