Personal update, October 2013

7 Oct

Recently I have quit raiding and became a casual player of World of Warcraft. I am currently looking for a new game that can really drag me in and keep me occupied. Additionally, I am hoping to be able to continue writing articles and find new ways of expressing myself.

Personal Update, March 2013

5 Mar

Professionally I have acquired additional Process Management and Business intelligence experience. I hope to finish my driving classes soon, which will provide me with a driving license and the freedom and professional growth that comes with this change.

In World of Warcraft, I have elected to change my mains from Natarumah (my Shadowpriest) to Baelgaram (my Death Knight). I hope to provide solid melee DPS, a challenge to myself, and a solid and reliable offtank in case my guild needs it.

My blog might need to be redesigned to reflect this change; if this is the case, I intend to focus it on Warlocks and Death Knights in addition to Priests, to reflect my broader interests. Reader feedback will have a definite say in this, however.


25 Nov

Welcome to Natarumah at WordPress, my personal profile and portfolio page. Through the work I have done at my blog, I have managed to build up a small professional portfolio in the writing business, specifically aimed at World of Warcraft. For information regarding myself and my work, feel free to browse.

I am always interested in the possibility of guest blogging or writing articles, essays and short stories. As my education and background show, I am thorough and methodical with strong research and analysis skills. In addition, I am no stranger at writing fiction and prose, and I particularly enjoy turning numbers and theory into a readable story.


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